Dear guests,

we would very much like to welcome you at the „Backstage“ Boardinghouse! Why “Backstage”? … well, that’s easy to explain - because we offer a direct connection to the theatre area next door! Our house rules build the basis for all our guests who would like to enjoy a pleasant stay within comfortable atmosphere. Our office hours are: Monday – Sunday from 8 am – 8 pm. During these hours you can reach is via +43 (0)5372 21980 and in urgent cases on our mobile phone: 0664 9172193, and also via email:

General information:
If you miss anything in your room (laundry rack, electric iron, etc) or if you need any help, please let us know. Please make sure to treat all our amenities and the room you are staying in with care and respect. The Austroswiss Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. company reserves itself the right to cancel an accommodation contract (also after the room/studio has been entered by the guest(s)) with immediate effect and to banish the guest(s) from the accommodation altogether if this guest/these guests endanger the reputation or the safety of the Boardinghouse, if they are suspected of a crime, if they harass other guests, residents, pedestrians or neighbours, or if they repeatedly cause disturbances or loud noise.

Nobody damages any goods on purpose – but it can of course happen that some things break or do not function properly anymore. We are happy if you give us notice about the damage rather than finding the damage during our final cleaning service after your departure. All guests are liable for full payment of property damage, if it does not concern small goods such as a broken wine glass or else.

Kitchen/ Get Together Lounge:
Please note that used tableware has to be cleaned and put back into the kitchen cupboards. This is also valid for cutlery, pans, pots, etc which you have used. We would like to mention that this public area is video-monitored for your and our security.

Please separate waste into the provided bins. You will find these in the kitchen below the refrigerators.

Sportlounge | Sauna:
The use of the sports lounge, including fitness area and sauna, is for our guests included in the price of the accommodation. Opening hours are between 11 am and 9 pm. Please note that in order to use our sauna a sauna towel and a bath robe are required. We kindly provide you with bath robe, sauna towel and slippers for a fee (EURO 10,00 per person / stay). We would like to mention that this public area is video-monitored for your and our security.

If you wish to use or garage parking service (entrance: „Kultur Quartier“ Garage in Marktgasse 2) please let us know immediately after you have parked your car (we need to know your 9-digit ticket number). Thus we can offer you a special parking price of EUR 12,00 for 24 hrs parking. The ticket is then valid for your entire stay.

Smoking / Fire Safety:
Within the entire Boardinghouse we have a strict non-smoking policy! Upon violation of this policy we will charge the guest(s) a special cleaning fee of EUR 150,00. It is allowed to smoke outside the building. The lighting of candles etc is prohibited within the entire Boardinghouse and the sports lounge. Please also note that our Boardinghouse is equipped with a fire alarm system, which will notify the fire department immediately after a fire has been detected. Please keep in mind that with careless handling (e.g. during cooking) you could also set off the fire alarm. If this is the case we would like to inform you that we have to charge EUR 450,00 to your room for a false alarm and the launching of a fire department emergency.

Night Rules / Noise:
We kindly ask you to follow our night rules and keep the noise down between 10 pm and 7 am. Please also do so outside of your studio (concerning TV noise, conversation, …) and respect our other guests‘ „good night’s sleep“.

Visitors at the studios and also within the common area are permitted. Please let us know about your visitors in advance. However, all guests have to inform their visitors about our house rules. External visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in our studios.

Please clear your studio until 11 am. Your personal code will lose ist validity with that time. We will charge your credit card with the total amount of your stay (if not stated otherwise) and we will send your invoice via email. We accept the following credit cards: AmEx, VISA, MasterCard, JBC and Diners Club.

Thank you for your visit and the respect for your fellow housemates and the adherence to our house rules.

Esther and Alexander Drastil